“We trust Nathalie with our brand completely. She turns our product emails and UI copy into warm, elegant communications that drive users to action.”

— Denis Kiselev, CEO of SnapSwap

“I can’t imagine what writing our book would have been like without Nathalie, except that I know I wouldn’t be as proud of the outcome as I am. She provided critical guidance on content and structure, and she suggested the perfect words to use when we were stuck. I highly recommend Nathalie for your next book."

— Karen Catlin, Co-author, Present! A Techie's Guide to Public Speaking

“Nathalie is as instrumental and essential to my writing as my Macbook. She has done a consistently amazing job of helping me figure out what I'm trying to say, how to say it, and how to make it relevant to my audience.  

— Elliott Adams, Director, TechStars Startup Next SF

“Nathalie knows how to turn complex technical topics into readable copy our customers love.”

— Amit Bahl, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sierra Circuits