“Nathalie is as instrumental and essential to my writing as my Macbook. She has done a consistently amazing job of helping me figure out what I'm trying to say, how to say it, and how to make it relevant to my audience.  

— Elliott Adams, Director, TechStars Startup Next SF

Gerard Ramos round.png

“The Lean Agile article we created with Nathalie is one of the most impactful tools in our business development process. We share it as homework with every new potential customer before wasting any of our time or theirs—over 500 companies have seen it—and even current clients tell us it deepened their understanding of Revelry's value.”

— Gerard Ramos, Founder at Revelry Labs

"Up to 100 hospitals have seen the flagship case study we created with Nathalie. We share it in all our conversations with future customers."

—Venkat Mocherla, Director of Marketing at AnalyticsMD

“I can’t imagine what writing our book would have been like without Nathalie, except that I know I wouldn’t be as proud of the outcome as I am. She provided critical guidance on content and structure, and she suggested the perfect words to use when we were stuck. I highly recommend Nathalie for your next book."

— Karen Catlin, Co-author, Present! A Techie's Guide to Public Speaking

“Nathalie is hands down the best content marketer I’ve worked with. We've placed articles in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and TNW, and refreshed our B2B SaaS website and collateral with a new brand voice.”

— Harrison Shih, President, Frankly Platform